The idea for "The Letters Project" arose from a week I spent in a “Sex Recovery Workshop” held at The Meadows Recovery Center in Wickenburg, Arizona. During this week we were given many assignments to complete; one of them was writing two letters:

The first letter was addressed to our “Sex Addict,” where we had to explain what we were willing to do to stay sober.

The second letter was a response from our sex addict to us.

It sounded easy enough, but I did not realize what kind of impact this letter would have on me.

The letter to the addict took about 2-3 hours to complete. It was lengthy, thoughtful, very specific, and extremely difficult to write. The reason it was difficult was because it forced me to think about the work that was at hand (which was very hard and overwhelming). The second letter was not as lengthy, but what amazed me was how quickly I finished it. I must have taken less than 5 minutes to write (VERY RAW).

I sent my letters to XXXchurch and they turned them into 2 powerful videos and together we created this whole space. This section of the site will help create an outlet for people to speak freely about the impacts of this destructive addiction. Here is how to proceed:

#1: Click on the "Watch" tab and see 2 videos communicating my letters. This will give you an idea of how you can start writing your letter, and the potential impact a letter like this can have on your recovery.

#2: Click on the "Write" tab and begin the hard work of writing your own letters. You will have space to write both. One letter is written to your sex addict and the other from your sex addict. Once you have finished your letters, include your email address and reminder date so we can send your letters to you in the future. These letters become great reminders of why we must continue in our sobriety.

#3: Click on "Read" to see letters from other people who have similar struggles. We can both learn and be encouraged by others' journeys in recovery.

#4: Click on "Links" for valuable tools and resources for recovery.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and know you are not alone.