Letter to my sex addict

Hey man,

It's tough I know. Getting all the girls you want, whenever you want them. It's hard to say no to that. But I don't want to live addicted like you. I want a healthy marriage with kids who I can raise to treat people right. Plus, when you use porn it makes you feel dirty and feel guilt. Women and people are more than what you make of them. This addiction is killing you. Everyone makes it something normal. Something that there's nothing wrong with as long as you do it in moderation. But there is no such thing when it comes to what you're doing. It's all or nothing. You give up all of you, not just some of you. Your family, your friends, your kids, deserve more than this. You deserve more than this. Plus, it sucks to have to hide you know? Get into accountability and honesty as soon as you can.

You can do it.

Best wishes,

Letter from my sex addict

Hey man,

Listen, I know that what you say is true, but I don't want to give this up. All my friends do it, and society says it's okay, so leave me alone. It's not that bad man. You can control it. As long as you hide well enough, no one will know. God will forgive you too so don't worry about that. Plus you know how hard it is to overcome this addiction. It takes being open and honest. Who cares if your marriage will struggle--you get to look at all the girls you want on a screen! Thanks but no thanks!

Good luck,
Sex addict